From Fear My Mission is Born

It’s funny how things just come to be. I had a very simple goal this week. Not hard…pretty straight forward…but yet I failed to accomplish it…I’m more than able to accomplish it and do it well. But an old friend reared his ugly head back into my life…


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My Jerry Maguire Moment

The Lost Manifesto

For a long period of time, I have been feeling beaten, destroyed, doubtful, down, inhibited, imprisoned, regretful, scared, suffocated, timid…lost. Supposedly everybody struggles with these things, problems, to some extent. I know that in life, you need to process what’s working out, what’s not working and disentangle from it and try then not to walk into the same thing again…to watch your patterns and correct them. I’ve been questioning myself and trying to get back to something I’m not in touch with anymore, forgive myself and try to find fulfillment and happiness. I’m looking for anything that will make me feel. It has to be an important thing, because it’s the only thing that can save me.

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