It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you. I’ve been taking a break. I let myself settle into an average life. I’ve done some very vanilla things since the end of the Tour…rest…sleep…work…and that’s really about it. So if you’ve been worried that I’m globe trotting without you, rest assured…you haven’t missed much. But, I feel it may be time again to start the next chapter of the journey.

Life hasn’t been very fulfilling lately. Life in the Matrix is numb. There’s no vitality to any part of it. Fulfill basic needs…security…routine…boredom. I need to feel alive again. Adventure is what I do best. Living in the moment is how I want to be.

So I’ve come down to two options. One option is to teach English as a second language and accomplish IT cloud jobs to earn money to finance my travels. From what I’ve researched so far, many people are financing their travels by teaching English in other countries. It seems to me that they get 6 moth to yearly contracts and move on. To add to this, I want to perform some IT jobs via the cloud. With these, I won’t be locked in geographically. I figure the combination of these two will be a good 1-2 punch and keep money rolling in.

The second option is reviving an old business venture that went unfinished. This one scares me more. I have to really go beyond my comfort levels and there are burnt bridges. On my last exodus from this, there were relationship casualties and I was very lucky to get some of those relationships back. The only reason I’m even considering it is due to the financial upswing. If it works…like its supposed to…I can travel without any financial limitations. This venture will take everything I am and then some and the pay out is grand. I’m just hoping that…IF…I chose this route, it works. It’s the riskier of the two options. Traveling has made me more conscious of time and how valuable it is. This venture could eat up a lot more time than the other. I fear that if its not realized…I may not get around the world as I originally planned and in the time frame I wanted.

I don’t want to have regrets. I’m going to ponder some more and see where my spirit takes me.


P.S. did you see my new ride?! It’s freaking AWESOME!!!


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