Operation #bringsexyback – Resources (Nutrition)

Let’s be honest…as much as I think I could have done it…I could not have gotten across the country without some resources and gear.

Since I’ve been on my health journey, I had to figure out what to use and what not to use. If you recall from previous posts, when I started out on the bike tour I had over 65 lbs of gear. Over time I whittled down what I was carrying to only what was necessary. The weight of all that gear made me exert more effort that I probably should have. But…I had to figure that out for myself. Also recall, my recent post about noise? There are a lot of products on the market that you can use on your health journey causing noise and confusing people about which ones are the best.

Hell, I still have things that I never used once on the bike tour and I’m like…really?!…I dragged that across the country for what reason? I believe you have to experience some level of that type of frustration to find the resources and gear that really fit you and that you’re going to actually use. Too many people are so quick to ask “which one is the best?” or want someone to tell them what to use or do. You are robbing yourself of an opportunity to become more in tune with yourself and understanding your unique needs by trying different options and coming to your own conclusion.

Today I’m going to share some resources and gear that I’m using that fit me. I hope that on your health journey some of these work for you like they have for me.

The first resource I had to find was a nutritional source of food. This was really harder that it sounds. You’re probably like…but there’s food everywhere?! True…but I didn’t know what a healthy meal looked like. Before I figured that out, the meals I was eating looked like this:

Junk Food

I was constantly eating like this and in large quantities. So I decided to find out what a healthy meal looked like and soon I came across “my plate”.

My Plate

This is what a healthy meal looks like.

Then I had to address another problem…the quantity of food I was eating could feed a small village. On the bike tour I was burning calories faster than I could take in. As good as I got on the bike, I still had to stop to eat meals…I could snack while riding but eating was out of the question. So when I did stop and eat, I pigged out. But when the bike tour ended, the binging didn’t.

I then had to learn a proper way of when to eat. After some research, I found out that the best regimen to have when it comes to eating is to eat 6 times a day…3 healthy meals…3 healthy snacks.

So now…I know what a healthy meal looks like…I know how often I should eat…but where can I get the food to make my healthy meals? I spent alot of time on this one. At first I tried the “buy in bulk” option. Are you seeing the repetitiveness of my ways?! LOL!!! I quickly learned that this is really time consuming and fruits / vegetables have a ridiculously short shelf life…2-3 days max. So after having to throw out a lot of moneys worth of groceries I decided to regroup and set up a new plan. I actually tried a couple different ways to manage groceries…prepping meals, freezing food, zip locking items…and so on and on. I’m not at a station of my life where any of that worked. I needed something that was quick but still nutritious…knock knock…Body By Vi (www.jointhechallenge.info) was once again at my door.

I decided to start using the Body By Vi products because they satisfied my current problem…I needed quick, inexpensive, nutritious food. I’m busy now. The bike tour has been replaced with every day life activities and using my time wisely is one of my highest priories. I decided to use the Transformation Kit and Vi-Pak. The Transformation Kit had my source of Protein plus it has an energy drink included that I think is good. The Vi-Pak is a really great multivitamin. The Health Flavor Mix Ins, Metabolism Booster (Vi-Slim), Omega Vitals and appetite suppressant (Vi-Trim) are nice additions that help create variety through out the month.

Transformation Kit

I’m NOT an energy drink fan. There is so much crap out there like Monster, Red Bull and Five Hour Energy. I tried all of these on the bike tour and almost died every time I used them. Every time I took one of the aforementioned energy drinks I got the shakes and felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. I got so frustrated and scared I started carrying jugs of water and accepted the extra weight as collateral damage.

So after a lot of trial and error I had some of all the nutritious food I need on a daily basis. I finally decided to once again implement a valuable lesson I learned on the bike tour…carry enough food to get you through the day. I do have to order a 30 day supply of my protein. I live really close to a grocery store that’s on my way to work. So now, every morning I stop by the grocery store and pick up enough food (fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy) to last me the day. I have 2 shakes a day that have protein, fruit, veggies, grains and dairy in them. I have a 3rd meal with the same ingredients. I have 3 healthy snacks daily.

This works for me. Find a way that works for you in which you’re able to eat nutritiously. Dare I say…now…my nutrition is balanced.





If you’re planning a cross country bicycle tour, click on the following links for information that I found invaluable: https://mylostjourney.wordpress.com/resources/ & https://mylostjourney.wordpress.com/gear/.

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