Goodbye Old Friend

Tonight a crime was committed. In the grand scheme of things, life will go on…the sun will rise again…but for me, I will be forever scarred. Some low life trash stole my bicycle.

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Day 85

As I was riding into Mesa…just miles away from my final destination, I began peddling harder than I ever had before, going faster than I have ever gone, even more so than when I was going down steep hills. I could taste the end.

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Day 59

Being on the road helps clear the mind. I like that I can think. I think about everything now. I haven’t really come to any conclusions or haven’t had any earth shattering discoveries. The every day grind can deafen your thoughts. I don’t have do deal with that anymore. I like the peace and quiet.

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Day 18 (Part 2)

I finally made it to Doug’s house…my Normal host 😉 I’ve been getting a weird kick out of the word play on the name of the city he lives in. But before I got here I had to overcome my most difficult challenge yet…a few walls. Continue reading

Day 9

It’s been a few days since I sat down to blog. To be honest, as weird as this may sound…I’m so busy. It’s not with what you think. There are a lot of things you can’t find by research other things people won’t tell you because they don’t know or don’t want to give you a bad piece of advice. I don’t know how many times already I’ve heard, “Do what you want”. It’s great to have that freedom but sometimes it’s comforting to have that solid piece of advice too.

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Day 6

It was kind of tough getting up this morning. If you recall, we watched w movie Border Town last night and it left me somewhat restless. But none the less, I was at em reasonably early. I was still playing catch up on the photo uploads and blog entries. Finished paying some final bills that were still lingering from before I left.

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Day 5

Sunday’s are time to relax at IICD…a day off and time to do what you want to do. I chose to sleep in. Ive been sleeping well but my bodies still not 100%…especially my legs. I went up to the school for brunch. Then afterwards I lounged around uploading pictures and blog posts. With everyone I’ve been meeting, doings different things and a fussy Internet connection…it’s been like a part time job keeping the website entries current.

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