Your Name Says So Much

You impress me beyond words. I’d be ecstatic if you realized that this post was about you.

But…that in of itself is such a canyon. I…am an authoritarian in your world. I wish I could approach you…offer my hand in romance. It would be so awesome if you reciprocated my gesture. I don’t know if you would appreciate me and what I would want to offer you.

Your name is derivative of a really really cool person. I see that guys want you and girls want to be like you. I know that you have many friends because of the light you possess. Your inner beauty inspires everyone to be near you. You don’t have to pretend because you are true. And yet you’re humility won’t let you be untrue to the world.

You’re sweet…you possess an innocence that I want to know. I wonder if I…in all my imperfections…would turn your eye.

From time to time I talk to you. I pretend to be in the know. But due to your beauty…I too get scared…I’m afraid to not be who you need.

So for now…I’ll admire you from afar…hoping that maybe someday I can call you by your name and you’ll see…that my light…desires to be with yours.

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