Day 18 (Part 2)

I finally made it to Doug’s house…my Normal host 😉 I’ve been getting a weird kick out of the word play on the name of the city he lives in. But before I got here I had to overcome my most difficult challenge yet…a few walls. Continue reading


Day 18 (Part 1)

Yeah so about that keeping up with the blogging comment. Sheesh! It’s been Over a week since I last blogged. Time flys when you’re having fun.

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Day 9

It’s been a few days since I sat down to blog. To be honest, as weird as this may sound…I’m so busy. It’s not with what you think. There are a lot of things you can’t find by research other things people won’t tell you because they don’t know or don’t want to give you a bad piece of advice. I don’t know how many times already I’ve heard, “Do what you want”. It’s great to have that freedom but sometimes it’s comforting to have that solid piece of advice too.

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Day 6

It was kind of tough getting up this morning. If you recall, we watched w movie Border Town last night and it left me somewhat restless. But none the less, I was at em reasonably early. I was still playing catch up on the photo uploads and blog entries. Finished paying some final bills that were still lingering from before I left.

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Day 5

Sunday’s are time to relax at IICD…a day off and time to do what you want to do. I chose to sleep in. Ive been sleeping well but my bodies still not 100%…especially my legs. I went up to the school for brunch. Then afterwards I lounged around uploading pictures and blog posts. With everyone I’ve been meeting, doings different things and a fussy Internet connection…it’s been like a part time job keeping the website entries current.

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Day 4

Woke up to another beautiful day. Got myself rolling and headed for breakfast. I’m telling you the food IICD prepares is so delicious and infinitely more healthy for you. I’m hoping they’ll be kind enough to share some of their recipes with me…in particular their bread. They make it here themselves and its to die for.

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Day 3

Rolled out of bed feeling great. I was very happy that thus far I only had one major hiccup and it was really my own doing that caused it. Remember: DON’T IGNORE WARNING SIGNS!!! I’m thinking that if the rest of my journey continues like this I’ll be extremely happy and grateful.

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Day 2 (Part 2)

I felt victorious as I pulled into IICD. It was a really great feeling knowing that the first step of my journey was accomplished. But after a brief moment I was a bit lost. I hand not been able to get in touch with Johan in some time so I wasn’t really sure where to go or if anyone was even here. But luck have it, as I was pulling up I saw a few people unloading a truck…one of which was Johan. He greeted me warmly and introduced me to his team. I knew from the moment I met Johan, I was going to like him. He proceeded to tour me around IICD.

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Day 2 (Part 1)

Man…did I sleep like a baby. I woke up around 7:00am feeling somewhat sore but rested. I proceeded to get myself going. Took a nice long shower. The one the night before was awesome!!! Ate some breakfast and proceeded to pack up my things. I was finished and ready to get back on the trail around 9:00am-ish. I then went to go drop off the cabin key at the office but unfortunately no one was there so I dropped the key off in a Dropbox and proceeded one my way. I was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to say goodbye and thank them again in person. (UPDATE: I was able to send the resort a hand written letter thanking them for their generosity)

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Day 1

My legs are dead. Every time I move one of them it’s pain. Two days of bicycling will do that to you. I’ve traveled approximately 100 miles in two days. I’m writing this at my first Couch Surfing host location…Dowagiac, MI. I’m staying with Johan Arroyo Lopez at the Institute for International Cooperation and Development – Michigan (IICD). He is currently working in their Fight Poverty Program and will be traveling to Africa in the next few months to work with locals on educating them with lessons learned and derived in the program. In the little time that I’ve been here I am awestruck by Johan’s leadership ability, compassion and good hearted ness. I can tell that even at his young age (19) he’s going to change the world for the better in some way or another. I am so grateful for his hospitality and generosity that I hope someday I can help him with his cause. But more on Johan and his philanthropy later.

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