Your Name Says So Much

You impress me beyond words. I’d be ecstatic if you realized that this post was about you.

But…that in of itself is such a canyon. I…am an authoritarian in your world. I wish I could approach you…offer my hand in romance. It would be so awesome if you reciprocated my gesture. I don’t know if you would appreciate me and what I would want to offer you.

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Operation #bringsexyback – Resources (Exercise)

You will never out train a bad diet. If you think you can be the exception to this rule…go away. There is nothing anyone can do to help you. For the rest of us that know that proper nutrition is the key to great health let’s keep it moving…and I’m talking moving like in exercise.

I’m not telling you to bike across the country to accomplish your fitness goals though I do think you would enjoy it beyond the health benefits. I’m telling you to move. There are so many different activities you can do for exercise it’s beyond ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that people in general aren’t doing them. We’re such a “how can we make it more efficient” society we don’t end up working out at all. I believe that efficiency is a highly evolved form of laziness…think about that for a while.

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Operation #bringsexyback – Resources (Nutrition)

Let’s be honest…as much as I think I could have done it…I could not have gotten across the country without some resources and gear.

Since I’ve been on my health journey, I had to figure out what to use and what not to use. If you recall from previous posts, when I started out on the bike tour I had over 65 lbs of gear. Over time I whittled down what I was carrying to only what was necessary. The weight of all that gear made me exert more effort that I probably should have. But…I had to figure that out for myself. Also recall, my recent post about noise? There are a lot of products on the market that you can use on your health journey causing noise and confusing people about which ones are the best.

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