Day 1

My legs are dead. Every time I move one of them it’s pain. Two days of bicycling will do that to you. I’ve traveled approximately 100 miles in two days. I’m writing this at my first Couch Surfing host location…Dowagiac, MI. I’m staying with Johan Arroyo Lopez at the Institute for International Cooperation and Development – Michigan (IICD). He is currently working in their Fight Poverty Program and will be traveling to Africa in the next few months to work with locals on educating them with lessons learned and derived in the program. In the little time that I’ve been here I am awestruck by Johan’s leadership ability, compassion and good hearted ness. I can tell that even at his young age (19) he’s going to change the world for the better in some way or another. I am so grateful for his hospitality and generosity that I hope someday I can help him with his cause. But more on Johan and his philanthropy later.

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