The Wheels on the Bus

I can feel my life becoming routine. Soon, I’ll be on a set schedule. I have to face it…I’m back in the Matrix.

I’m torn about this stage of the journey. I desperately know that I need to be making money.

I shopped online today for scooters. I think I have two picked out that I really like. They’re made by Genuine Scooters. One is a Blur SS 220i and the other one is a Stella 4-Stroke. One of my hosts in Oklahoma City had a Stella and he used it to tour around the US. I like the look of the Stella as its really retro and has a nostalgic vibe. The Blur is a really sporty looking bike. Both are in the $3,500 – $4,500 range so I’ve got some work to do.

I’m currently transportation-ally challenged. My Schwinn was stolen 😦 so I’ve been reduced to rely on public transportation. And for some crazy reason, I allowed myself to get a job that is a 2 hour commute (one way). So daily I’m on busses and the light rail for 3.5 – 4.5 hours a day. At first it was kinda fun as I never really utilized public transportation before. I mean I’ve been on a buses and trains before but it’s been few far and in between. Now, it’s my main source of getting around. It’s gotten old. But I decided that I’m going to start reading and listen to audio books during this time. I was kinda irked at first but now I’m forcing myself to be more efficient with my time.

My current situation makes for really long days. On one side I can work out at work…perk of being employed at a gym. I’m going to have to go back to lugging food around cause we all know its way to damn expensive to eat out and I can’t just go back home and grab a bite to eat. So basically for the foreseeable future I’m going to be a hard core gym rat. It’s really for the best now that I’m thinking about it because not only can I keep working on my sexy but I can catch up on all the reading I wasn’t able to do while I was touring on the bike.

The next chapter of this story is going to be tedious. At least when I was on the bike, there was the excitement of adventure. The coming weeks and months may be a little less interesting as I’m going to be focusing on making and saving money so I can get back on the road. Guess it’s time to pay some dues : /





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