Lessons 4 – 5

Dreams are interesting aren’t they? I once dreamt of riding across the country on a bicycle…now I lay hear awake…rejoicing…after realizing that dream. I still can’t believe it.

But now my mind is wondering what other dreams can I turn into reality. I sometimes catch myself wishing I was still on the bike…riding…heading towards the next destination…wondering what the next horizon will bring. I have to remind myself I’m still on the journey…that the goal was to get around the world. I can’t wait to know what it feels like to be in other countries…experiencing other cultures…bitching about God knows what problems.

I have to remember the lessons. I’ve paid quite the price for them…especially recently. Currently the lessons I’m going to talk about aren’t in any particular order. I’m just putting them out there as I am able to articulate the thought after dwelling on them. As is the case with the next lesson…always listen to your gut.

I’ve made the comment that there are only 3 assholes in the world…they just get around a lot. So they can ignore this lesson cause they’re assholes and won’t listen anyway. But for the rest of you…I know you’re good people at heart and that means your spirit is one of good. This in turn means your gut will only tell you good things…and you should listen to it. Your gut has a strong force behind it. It is comprised of your cumulative experiences. It has a better memory than your brain. And best of all your guts voice isn’t clouded by the voices…the voices of fear…doubt…animosity and so forth. The voices in your head are different. You need to identify every single voice your body produces, besides the one produced by your vocal chords and you need to identify the difference and tonality of each voice. There are also the voices of other people you need to be aware of. Those voices can influence you as well. I recently ignored my gut because I listened to another persons voice and I lost something dear to me. Their voice was full of logic and confidence…so I thought. My gut spoke to me on several occasions and I ignored it…and for that I paid a price. You will need to learn to identify each voice and give it its own distinct sound. Does your joy sound like a laughing baby? Does your fear sound like a villain from a movie? Give that voice…that emotion a specific sound…so when you hear it your brain can communicate to your gut who is talking to you…is it a friend or is it a foe. This ability will only add to your guts power to guide you.

I wanted to quit the tour so many times but I didn’t. My gut said keep going…it didn’t say why…it just said go. I listened and I finished the tour. I now have an epic accomplishment that is mine forever. I ignored my gut and listened to voices that were not my own…I ignored my gut in favor of this voice. I lost the most precious treasure I’ve ever known because I didn’t listen to my gut. If you decide not to listen to my lesson…at least listen to your gut.

The next lesson is one we always hear about in society and popular culture. It’s a tricky lesson because unfortunately as humans we are naturally lazy and procrastinate in putting in the work that is needed to really prosper from this next lesson. We’ll let the world tell us it’s agenda for us. We never take the time to question this itinerary. When we do, we surrender on some levels so we can gain acceptance and then compromise the rest for who knows what reason. It maybe because the voice of fear…the voice you should ignore if you heeded the last lesson. Fear can be a good thing, when used as an alarm…but that’s it…it should never conquer a decision. But that’s for another lesson. What I’m getting to here is that you should never be ashamed of who/what you truly are. Sad thing is most of us don’t know, are trying to live up to someone else’s ideal or to afraid to find out. My Journey walked all over this lesson. I was afraid. I was terrified. I remember sitting in my room before I left thinking to myself that I could die on the tour. I didn’t want to die. Well guess what…I will some day…it’s the circle of life. But I decided that until that day comes, I have to…need to know who I am and what am I made of. I was tired of being ashamed…of my false reality that I created because I wanted to be accepted by everyone. Well, sorry and excuse me but…I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME ANYMORE…because I love me some me. And you shouldn’t care what I think about you.

I’m taking the time…investing in myself to become my greatest self…and if you don’t like that…tough…you’re not invited to the party…it’s my reality and you’re just a guest…so if you don’t like it…leave. You should have that same mentality. Now I’m not saying this to offend you…to start a fight with you or anything like that. I want you to love me for who I am. And I’ll love you for who you are. There is no grey on this one. If you become ashamed for just split second, you can be influenced to do things you don’t want and that leads to regret. Trust me…you don’t want to regret.

1) Power of Decision
2) Don’t Ignore Signs
3) Maximize the Amount of Time you have to Work with




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