I Curse You

I curse you. Satan himself will cringe after hearing my thoughts about you.

Innocently you thought I have been just another innocent mark. Well let me tell you…you crossed the wrong man. Forever I will hunt you. There will be no corner of the earth that you can hide. I have a new purpose…and that is to crush you…to expose you for the filth that you are. There will be generations that know what you did and they will cringe at the stupidity of your ways. They will decide to wipe any memory of your existence because of the gravity of your mistake.

Hitler…Marsellus Wallace…Hannibal Lecter…Palpatine..the list of villains is endless…but I will bring a reckoning to you that is full of suffering and eternal pain…so you know…and exceed the pain you have brought upon me…and I promise you…my flame of vengeance will never end…for eternity you will live regretting the thought that passed through your feeble mind the night you thought to take from me. My vengeance will not be swift as you deserve only agony. Civil and human rights will not be bestowed upon you as you vacated any humanity the moment you laid your hands on the only pure thing I’ve ever known.

I put out a warning to you…a word of warning…would-be warrior. When you laid your hands upon my glory, you took on debit. A debit you owe me personally. Each and every man within my reach will be on the look for your scalp. And I want your scalp. And I will git me your scalp, or I will die tryin’.

I don’t know you today…but some day…my hands will rest upon your neck…and I promise with all that I hold true…I will squeeze…pray…I decide to release my grasp…



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