You briskly floated in the breeze. Your gentle and beautiful colors caught my eye. Skipping merrily from flower to flower…from soul to soul. You landed into my life with such poise. I was awe stricken by your beauty.

I couldn’t help but gaze at such a miraculous creature. I knew that if my moves were sudden, I’d scare you away. The place I was…was so much brighter with your presence. I was in such hope that you would stay for a while.

Your voice was filled with such hope…a care free tone…it was such a pleasure to hear you speak…my spirit was at peace. The smile on your face was as sweet as the nectar one can drink.

I could watch you all day my dear butterfly…moving gracefully…every move…full of life…being one with the moment. The way you soar is inspiring. I hope to fly with you again someday…or just to see you…land…on a flower…how beautiful a thought.

Alas…the winds changed…time moved the weather to another season. I grew sad that it was time for my sweet butterfly to leave. I cannot stay sorrowful for too long though because if I were to try and capture you dear butterfly…the bright joy you bring to the world would diminish. As sad as it was to see you leave, I am left with the joy that for a brief moment in time, I saw a beautiful butterfly.

As I look out the window, the season has changed the leaves…the flowers have begun to wilt. I’m left with the pleasant thought that you’re fluttering in the wind…moving somewhere from flower to flower…soul to soul…brightening another day.

Thank you for being beautiful…my butterfly.



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