Day 6

It was kind of tough getting up this morning. If you recall, we watched w movie Border Town last night and it left me somewhat restless. But none the less, I was at em reasonably early. I was still playing catch up on the photo uploads and blog entries. Finished paying some final bills that were still lingering from before I left.

Sometime mid to late morning I caught up with Trina and we got to chatting again. She’s so pleasant. I feel really comfortable around her. Lunch came and went and I was talking to some other IICD peeps when Trina came by to ask me if I would help her teach an English improvement class. I was happy to help as I really enjoy repaying the kindness they have shown me here. We decided to meet later and come up with some ideas.

I ran into Andres and he asked me if I’d like to go into Mohaka (sp?) as he and of few of his teammates were going into town to do some grocery shopping. I was appreciative that he asked me to go as I was hoping to find a portable radio. The old iPhone’s battery drains way to fast for me to be listening to it while biking and God knows the data it would use. I’m not interested into getting that bill what-so-ever. We went to a few stores and while they grocery shopped I looked for a radio. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything reasonable, the least expensive radios were $30-40 and I just didn’t feel like paying that price for a simple ass radio. I did come across a $10 dollar radio but it ran on external batteries. I can imagine racking up a bill buying these every so often. I decided to use my multifunction lantern that has a radio feature. I’ll just attach it to the outside of my bike until I can find a radio that’s reasonably priced and charges via USB.

Once we got back from picking up groceries, I met up with Trina. We wandered out to the backyard of the school and sat in the grass discussing ideas. We ended up coming up with an idea for an activity we called, “Treasure Word Hunt”. What everyone had to do was to find several items, places or things through out the school in which they did not know the English word for. They then had to bring back the item to the classroom. Once there, we would provide them with the word, it’s spelling and use it in a sentence. We then had them write the word on two pieces of paper. They would keep one piece of paper with the word written on it for their notes. And they would also translate the word into their native language on both pieces of paper. The second piece of paper they had to tape to the item, place or thing they collected. So in the end the would have an index card for their reference and a note taped to the object so when the saw the item again, they would see their note. This would hopefully help them recall the activity and the pronunciation of he word. It was so rewarding to be able to help everyone learn something new.

We worked on the activity for about an hour. Afterwards, Trina and I helped some people who had more questions or wanted further clarification. Once we were completely done with the activity, Trina, Andres and myself decided to watch a movie. The Internet was being fussy again. It took us quite a bit to get a movie up and running. Andres bailed out after not to long. We found some DVDs and started watching it but so much time had passed we decided to finish the movie later and called it a night.




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