Day 5

Sunday’s are time to relax at IICD…a day off and time to do what you want to do. I chose to sleep in. Ive been sleeping well but my bodies still not 100%…especially my legs. I went up to the school for brunch. Then afterwards I lounged around uploading pictures and blog posts. With everyone I’ve been meeting, doings different things and a fussy Internet connection…it’s been like a part time job keeping the website entries current.

Today I met a very pleasant girl…Trina. She’s what I would call a free spirit…a butterfly. She’s also Couch Surfing and will be heading towards South America soon. She’s traveled a lot and lived in Spain for 5 years. She’s pleasant to talk to…so much so we spent a good deal chatting. Later in the day, one of the instructors asked if we would cut, prep and store some green beans. We processed grean beans and chatted for a good part of the afternoon. I had a lot of fun.

In the evening, Anthony (one of the IICD instructors) invited everyone to a movie night. We watched the movie Border Town with Jennifer Lopez. It’s about Juarez, a town in Mexico where local women were being put through “Femicide”. What I took out of it was that some women being killed by men for sex and some were being killed so the men would stop losing jobs to the women who were working for cheaper wages. It’s a pretty in your face movie. We looked at the Wiki entry on the movie afterwards and they said the movie was black balled in the US and was released straight to DVD. And from what we saw online it was still going on but no one, not Mexico or the US is doing anything about the murders.

It makes me sad to know that these types of things happen in the world. Why? How weak willed, insecure, deranged…not even sure how to label it, can you be?

I tried calling it a night after the movie but kept thinking for a few hours about the victims of such…evil…psychosis…it just makes me sad that a human being can harm another in such ways. I just can’t help to think that humanity is capable of so much but yet we can’t eliminate these monstrosities from our world.




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