Day 4

Woke up to another beautiful day. Got myself rolling and headed for breakfast. I’m telling you the food IICD prepares is so delicious and infinitely more healthy for you. I’m hoping they’ll be kind enough to share some of their recipes with me…in particular their bread. They make it here themselves and its to die for.

I was able to join in on a team meeting today and was tasked to be on the food prep team today. We were going to turn the tomatoes we harvested yesterday into sauce. I was able to try some of it once it was done…YUMMY I tell you. During the prep, one of the team members asked if anyone wanted to prepare lunch. I volunteered and was allowed to do so. I at first thought they had recipes and it would be easy. Nope…wrong! One of the teammates said that I had to take today’s ingredients and come up with a lunch. Not gonna lie…got a lil intimidated. There’s about 15 people at IICD currently and it’s been quite a while since I’ve cooked for a large party…and to add such culturally diverse people with what I assumed to be as diverse diets and tastes. Soomi pointed out the days ingredients…fish…rice…green peppers…celery…and asparagus. I felt a lil better once I saw the ingredients list…what can I say…daddy can cook. One of the other teammates said that I should make everything the way I like it. Wasn’t too confident about that idea. I remembered that they have a large amount of herbs that I could use for seasoning. So I went over to the herbs and stared looking at all the options. I decided on a lemon peel herb and garlic salt for the fish (which I baked) and garnished with the green peppers. Then I decided to chop up the celery into lil cubes and mix it in with the rice. I then decided to boil the asparagus stalks to the point of still being slightly crisp when you bit into them. While I was cooking I found out there was some what I’m calling chicken marsala (never found out the name) and curry we could add as sides to the meal. I also noticed another team making the bread…never seen that done in person before…pretty cool.

I’ll tell you…the whole time I was working on lunch, I was nervous that everything would taste ok. With such a diverse array of pallets, you’d be nervous too I think. Time came for lunch and we set up the table and rang the bell. It’s awesome to see the bell get rung and watch everyone come running…lol!!!

I think everyone liked the food I prepared. I thought the fish came out well. I was most nervous about the rice because with some Asian and Latino teammates…I know both cultures rice is a staple and every family prepares it differently.

After lunch the cleaning team did their thing and everyone went onto their team projects, meetings and individual tasks. It’s so amazing to me the way the concept of community is set up here and put into practice. Everyone contributes for the greater good of everyone else. It’s so harmonious…I’m downright impressed especially with that as everyone has their part to take care of and are busy, but still have the time to chat with me and make sure I’m comfortable. A busy community who is excellent at hospitality…now that’s hard to find anywhere.

Since the Internet was being fussy, I decided to ride into Dowagiac to use the Wifi at a local McDonalds so I could upload photos a lil faster. It was about 3 miles away so it was also a good way to get my legs moving again as they were still sore. Took some pics of the local scenery. It’s not much, but Dowagiac seems like quaint lil town.

Tonight was also the night of the BS Benjamin…but that’s a story for another time.




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