Day 2 (Part 1)

Man…did I sleep like a baby. I woke up around 7:00am feeling somewhat sore but rested. I proceeded to get myself going. Took a nice long shower. The one the night before was awesome!!! Ate some breakfast and proceeded to pack up my things. I was finished and ready to get back on the trail around 9:00am-ish. I then went to go drop off the cabin key at the office but unfortunately no one was there so I dropped the key off in a Dropbox and proceeded one my way. I was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to say goodbye and thank them again in person. (UPDATE: I was able to send the resort a hand written letter thanking them for their generosity)

The Day 2 roads weren’t as evil as the ones from the day prior but no less difficult. I started to get what I’m going to call “saddle sore”. Fellas you know what I’m talking about. Not going to lie…I was not running on a full tank. But I kept telling myself I have to make it to Dowagiac cause I ain’t ready to start roughing it yet. Four walls and a roof is the minimum I’ll settle for is what I kept telling myself. I think thus far it wasn’t an even 50 miles and 50 miles (I’m thinking 40/60). I’ll have to check on that later. A lot of country side today. I decided very early in the day that if a hill was too steep, I’d walk up it. I thought that would be a good way to save from burning my legs out sooner. Of course the whole trip has felt like I’ve been going solely uphill.

Nothing really exciting on the trail during the day until I ran across a dog that almost killed us both. The fastest I’ve gotten the bicycle (& trailer of course) is 32mph according to my odometer. This dumb ass dog decided that I would be a worthy target to chase like as if I was one of those rabbits at a racetrack while I was going down a hill that had me challenging my fastest speed thus far. At first I thought this mutt was a wolf but then made it out to be some sort of Siberian Husky / German Shepard mix (so I think and I’m not a pet person by any means). The fucker was fast. I glanced over to my left and he was stride for stride with me. Then towards the bottom of the hill I’m thinking he’s going to quit but instead decided to dart out in front of me. Yep…I yelled, “get away fido”!!! I also started ringing the bell on my bike to try to scare the dog. Laugh if you will jack ass but I bought it because as I was prepping for the trip I quickly realized no one stops or looks for bicycles at crossroads so I needed something to get their attention. He didn’t give a damn about my bell and kept darting in front of me and started slowing down. I wasn’t…because I was more focused on not hitting him than braking. Then at the last second he darted into a drive way at the bottom of the hill. I looked back at him and yelled some choice words I’m sure he understood. Dumb stupid dog.

The rest of the trip was pretty lax after that but I was getting pretty tired and was still forever away from my destination. I finally reached a one stop light town called Lawrence. It was at the right time because I was almost out of water and still 20 miles-ish away from Dowagiac. Running out of H20 would be real bad. This was also risky because I was running out of daylight and I was told during my research for the trip not to stop for long periods of time during biking times cause your body will crash out on you. Thus far I had been stopping every hour and resting 10 minutes or so. I think I was in Lawrence for over an hour. I needed the break. I stopped at the one gas station in town and stocked up on some agua and Gatorade. Then I realized the battery on my iPhone (aka GPS / Map) was almost out of battery. That would have also really bent me over if my phone had died. So I asked the gas station attendant if there was a place to eat nearby. She said, “Alcapulcos is 2 blocks down” and added in the most country voice ever, “it’s authentic Mexican.”. I stopped in my tracks and looked her square in the eye with my best “Really?!?!” face ever…then after a brief moment I realized she was clueless I said, “I’m authentic Mexican”…she proceeded with her clueless glazed over look. I thanked her for the water and continued on my way. Once I got to the restaurant, I plopped myself down in a booth and put my legs up…damn that felt good. I ordered something light as I didn’t want to get really full and get Thanksgiving Day meal tired…you know what I’m talking about…so tired and stuffed you fall asleep with a turkey leg still in your mouth. I ate and left once my phone was decently charged.

I was still on the road for another 2 1/2 hours and the sun was setting when I saw it…”Welcome to Dowagiac”. Damn was I happy. Shortly there after…I pulled up to my Shangri-La…IICD.

Contined on next post…




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